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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the new online home of Headache Currents. In addition to presenting an electronic version of the print journal, this website provides an enhanced guide to the articles through manuscript summaries and links to relevant past articles. Virtual issues and interviews with authors will be introduced throughout the upcoming year.

Our goal is for the Headache Currents Online website to be interactive, and we invite your letters and comments in response to the articles presented in the journal. These responses will be posted online in the hope of fostering a dialogue about how these articles affect your practice. Above all, the Headache Currents website is for you, the readers. We welcome your suggestions about how you envision the website helping you in clinical practice, and encourage your feedback as the site grows.

Stewart J. Tepper, Editor, and Christopher H. Gottschalk, Online Editor of Headache Currents

Headache Currents Commentary

February 2016: Indocin

January 2016: Cyclical Vomiting and Migraine Variants

November/December 2015: Debate: Trigger Deactivation Surgery

October 2015: Headache and the ED

September 2015: Headache: CGRP - Antibodies for dummies

July/August 2015: Alcohol & Tobacco

June 2015: Cannabis

May 2015: Post-Craniotomy Headache; Cerebral Aneurysms + AVMs; Fibromuscular Dysplasia

April 2015: Vision & Photophobia

March 2015: Acupuncture: powerful ancient healing art or bland shamanism?

February 2015: Axis II

January 2015: A new animal model for TACs

November/December 2014: Triggers

October 2014: Activity-related headache disorders

May 2014: Headache and HIV

April 2014: Brain Tumor and Headache

March 2014: Autoimmune Disease and Headache

February 2014:  Intracranial Pressure Headaches and Pseudotumor

January 2014:  Medication Overuse Headache (MOH)

November/December 2013:  Photophobia

October 2013:  Chronic Pain and Traumatic Brain Injury

July/August 2013:  Cluster headache: Therapeutic options 

June 2013: Headache and Stroke

May 2013: Hemicrania Continuia as a Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia (TAC)

March 2013: Thunderclap Headache

February 2013: Migraine Pathophysiology

January 2013: QT Prolongation and Torsade de Pointes 

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QT prolongation and Torsade de Pointes: An Interview with Dr. Mark Stillman

ICHD-III Beta Version:  An Interview with Dr. Morris Levin

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