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Medication Overuse

Todd Schwedt, MD
Professor of Neurology
Mayo Clinic

The excessive use of migraine abortive medications, a.k.a. “medication overuse”, is common amongst people with frequent headaches. Approximately ½ of patients seen in headache specialty clinics have medication overuse and about ½ of people from the general population who have chronic migraine also have medication overuse. Medication overuse increases the risk of developing more frequent headaches, can cause medication overuse headache, and is associated with increased headache-related disability, medical expenses, and risks for medication side effects and toxicities.

This virtual issue highlights research, review, and editorial articles that have been published within the pages of Headache or Headache Currents that discuss the epidemiology and burden of medication overuse, its pathophysiologic mechanisms, and treatment approaches.

Epidemiology and Burden


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Pathophysiologic Mechanisms


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Education and Knowledge


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Editorials and Letters


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