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The American Headache Society®, founded in 1959, is the nation's professional organization for those interested in the study and management of headache and face pain. The Society's objectives are to promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning the causes and treatments of headache and related painful disorders. Educating physicians, health professionals and the public and encouraging scientific research are the primary functions of the Society. AHS activities include an annual scientific meeting, and a comprehensive headache symposium, publication of the journal Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain and sponsorship of the American Headache Society Committee for Headache Education (ACHE).

Benefits of membership in the American Headache Society include:

  • A subscription to the journal Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain
  • Access to the Members Only area of the AHS website (http://www.americanheadachesociety.org) , including the online Membership Directory and access to full-text articles from the journal Headache
  • Reduced registration fees for the AHS Annual Scientific Meeting and the Scottsdale Headache Symposium®
  • Patient education materials from the American Migraine Foundation (http://www.americanmigrainefoundation.org

More information, including a downloadable membership application, is available here: http://www.americanheadachesociety.org/becomeamember/index.asp

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