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The Harold G. Wolff Lecture Award is granted annually by the American Headache Society for the best paper on headache, head or face pain and the nature of pain itself. The recipient is invited to present the paper at the Society's annual meeting, which is then subsequently published in Headache. For more information on the Wolff Award please visit www.AmericanHeadacheSociety.org.

Wolff Award Winners

Accurate Classification of Chronic Migraine via Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Todd J. Schwedt MD; Catherine D. Chong PhD; Teresa Wu PhD; Nathan Gaw MS; Yinlin Fu BS; Jing Li PhD

The Relation Between Migraine, Typical Migraine Aura and “Visual Snow”
Christoph J. Schankin, Farooq H. Maniyar, Till Sprenger, Denise E. Chou, Michael Eller and Peter J. Goadsby

Pathophysiology and Imaging of Headache Disorders
Farooq Husain Maniyar, Till Sprenger, Christoph Schankin, Teshamae Monteith, Peter J. Goadsby

Casein Kinase Iδ Mutations in Familial Migraine with Aura
Robert Shapiro, MD, PhD, Andrew Charles, MD, Emily Bates, PhD, KC Brennan, MD, Louis Ptacek, MD

Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated With Migraine and Vascular Biomarkers
Gretchen E. Tietjen, MD (United States)

Spontaneous Trigeminal Allodynia in Rats: A Model of Primary Headache
Michael Oshinsky, PhD (United States)
Volume 52, 6

Oxygen Inhibits Neuronal Activation in the Trigeminocervical Complex After Stimulation of Trigeminal Autonomic Reflex, But Not During Direct Dural Activation of Trigeminal Afferents
Simon Akerman, PhD (United States)
Volume 59, Issue 8

Acute Migraine Medications and Evolution From Episodic to Chronic Migraine: A Longitudinal Population-Based Study
Marcelo E. Bigal, MD, PhD
Volume 48, Issue 8


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