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The American Headache Society® and Wiley-Blackwell are pleased to offer a website that should serve to give you a taste of the Society's flagship journal, Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, as well as provide information regarding the journal's submission and review process and general operations.

Headache and facial pain are disorders that affect the lives of many millions of individuals, imposing a gigantic physical, emotional, and financial burden. Integral to the easing of this burden is education and the dissemination of knowledge that will enable those afflicted to manage their pain and associated symptoms more effectively. We trust that this website—and the journal it describes—will assist all of us in achieving a greater understanding of these common and vexing disorders and thus advance the Society's overarching purpose: "...to improve the lives of headache sufferers."

  • Headache Online
  • On this website, health professionals and patients will find useful information regarding headache and facial pain, information that supplements the print journal. This includes links to issues of Headache, enhanced table of contents, manuscript summaries, podcast interviews with authors and leaders in the field, patient education materials, and online continuing medical education. The online editorial team will ensure that there are frequent updates of materials on this website, allowing users to find new information with regular visits to this site.

  • Welcome to Headache online.

  • Todd J. Schwedt, MD
    Online Editor, Headache

Key Features of Headache

Headache, publishing 10 issues a year, features some of the most important and innovative research from within the field. Our readership is drawn from physicians, psychologists and other health professionals interested in the study of head, neck and orofacial pain.

The journal continually seeks the very best articles reporting on all aspects of research within the field. Though Headache is the primary publication of the American Headache Society, our readership and author base is truly international.

The journal has embraced a number of new publishing features including leading-edge online functionality.

Reader features include:

  • Annually, several state-of-the-art reviews will be published. These comprehensive reviews will cover a variety of topics and will act as the most up-to-date assessment on a particular aspect of headache medicine
  • Occasional special series featuring a comprehensive overview on a particular topic
  • An Expert Opinion column featuring the views on a particular case from a thought leader in the field
  • A review of recently published journal literature
  • Each issue contains a themed Patient Education Page (Headache Toolbox) that can be copied for distribution to patients
  • Resident-Fellow section

In addition online readers may now take advantage of:

  • Complete online archive of all issues of Headache dating back to Volume 1 published in 1961
  • HTML full text for on-screen reading and functionality such as linking through to referenced articles, forward linking to articles that have since cited the article being read and access to supplemental data such as video files or out-sized tabular matter
  • EarlyView – online publication ahead of print – Fully proofed and typeset manuscripts appear online several weeks ahead of print, providing an early opportunity to read cutting-edge material
  • Podcast interviews with authors of key articles published in Headache
  • Virtual Issues that aggregate previously published content around themes

 Authors also find a number of benefits from publishing in Headache including:

  • Rapid and comprehensive review process. Authors typically receive an initial decision within 4 weeks of submission. Authors may additionally request an expedited review in exceptional cases.
  • Headache has been at the forefront of the movement to improve reporting standards in biomedical journals. We routinely collect a variety of reporting checklists including CONSORT for Randomized Controlled Trials.
  • EarlyView online publication ahead of print enables fully typeset manuscripts to be available within 6 weeks of acceptance for publication. According to PubMed, online publication now represents the official date of publication. EarlyView articles are eventually assigned to an issue but until that time they can be cited using a DOI number.
  • Headache employs a statistical consultant to advise authors on any statistical methodology questions associated with their submissions.

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